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Issue #3 | November 10, 2021

Message from Our CEO - Norm Couturier

Looking back over our outbound communications for the past month, I recognized the theme occurring from our various activities - many of us are thinking about the planet and our impact on it.

We were fortunate enough to pitch our way onto the stages of some decent investor conferences throughout North America and meet some interesting new people - our B Corp certification was acknowledged and referenced by a few, something we hadn't experience previously. We have been following the climate impact movement globally, leading up to COP26 recently. We have written about our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (#8, #9, and #11 for us!). Practically every newsletter that I subscribe to in the earth observation and space sectors (there are dozens!) has made mention of technology relating to climate monitoring being developed and deployed, from new satellites to AI solutions.

For the past couple of years, there has been a lot of talk about the importance of climate monitoring and responsible action – I am now seeing a higher ratio of action. This is welcoming news.

To our friends in the US and southern climates, enjoy the beginning reprieve from the intense summer heat. To our Canadian friends, get out the windshield ice scrapers!



Our Values Drive Our Growth

The UN Sustainable Development Goals give us a roadmap for creating a high-growth start-up with purpose and profits front and center.

Terris is Following the Money to Sustainable Investments

As the world meets at COP26, we’re instituting our own targets and plans that integrate purpose and concern for the planet with our drive for profits.

Terris on stage at CIX, Atlantic Venture Forum and TechCrunch

We’re joining other high-growth start-ups to pitch global investors on a series of virtual stages this fall.

Three Big Trends from TechCrunch, CIX and AVF

Space tech is big, AI has meaning and B Corp gains cred at North American investor conferences and pitch meetings.

What We're Watching


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