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Issue #5 | February 4, 2022

Message from Our CEO - Norm Couturier

Happy New Year!

We are excited to roll into 2022. It’s going to be a significant year for Terris, as we get ready to launch our flagship earth intelligence platform.

While we’re looking ahead, we are also looking back at 2021. We saw such trends in earth observation that moved the world last year, like EO technology becoming accessible to all of us, enormous volume and quality of data available and the speed with which we can access it, and global market value increase of the earth observation industry. We have been building alongside those trends as we prepare for the next 11 months. 

We are looking forward to a year that will be driven by visual and 3D data, which will cause the disruption of how things used to be done. Our Terris family is strong, diverse, and passionate about what we’re building and what good we can accomplish with our tech. 

I hope that the start of 2022 is a healthy and successful one for all of you. Here's to a great year ahead!



Trends in Earth Observation Means Little Will Be ‘Out of Sight or Out of Mind’ in 2022

This is the year remote spaces on earth come into view, courtesy of the immense power and coverage of commercially-available earth observation data.

Gaming Sector’s Unreal Engine is Bringing the Real World to Life via Digital Twins

Creating photorealistic digital 3D replications of real locations that spark creative thinking and design is the future of earth observation.

Terris' secret sauce is found in our multicultural mix

What an incredible mix of people with different backgrounds we have. This is what makes our company culture special and welcoming.  

Data fusion is key to information-rich images of any place on earth

The ability to seamlessly mix and merge layers of data to create images provides us with a deeper understanding of our world so they can make faster, better informed decisions.  

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