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Issue #4 | December 16, 2021

Message from Our CEO - Norm Couturier

The office Christmas tree is decorated, holiday baking is filling our office break room with seasonal cheer, and I’m wrapping up 2021 feeling hopeful for what lies ahead in 2022.

It has been a big year for Terris. We’ve grown to a full-time staff of 16 thanks to great relationships with our local post-secondary institutions. It’s why we’re proud to be the founding private sector partner for the New Brunswick Community College’s innovative Flex program.

Tom and I are definitely the, ahem, elder statesmen of the group and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the energy and fresh perspectives our staff bring, whether it’s related to business development, technological design, or giving back to our community.

This year our small but mighty staff raised over $3,000 for our local food bank’s Christmas Angels program, which enabled us to purchase gifts for over 80 families who benefit from the services of Greener Village Fredericton.

Our technology team put their creativity to work to produce our 3D Technology Experience, a mobile pop-up customer demo display, which fits into a hotel conference suite or a socially-distance outdoor gathering, and gives customers a complete picture of our 3D visualization and AI-driven analytics.

Those one-on-one customer interactions have helped our business development and marketing teams hone in on some key market segments, such as renewable energy and conservation where our eyes in the sky can help those with boots on the ground build back better in 2022 and beyond.

Enjoy the holidays and raise a glass to the new year. May it bring you wealth, health and happiness.



Four Earth Observation Trends That Moved the World in 2021

The past year saw an increase in access, speed and choice to high-value earth observation data for public, private and non-profit players.

Terris Christmas Elves Raises over $3,000 for Local Families

Our staff and co-op students personally donated $1,658.50, matched by the company, for Fredericton food bank Greener Village’s Christmas Angels program and The Tipsy Muse Café’s Angel Tree program.

Terris Founding Partner for NBCC’s New Experiential Learning Program

The FLEX program is an innovative paid internship launching in January 2022 allowing students to transition between the classroom and the workplace.

We Can Build Better Renewable Energy Innovations via Earth Intelligence

In 2022, the challenge to produce, transport and store energy across vast distances will be reduced with the emergence of commercially available earth observation images and data.

Remote Sensing for Conservation Strengthens Protection for Every Place on Earth

A global environmental shift in how countries assess climate and environmental changes is underway and earth observation technologies have the potential to positively impact our collective peace and security.

Seeing is Believing for 3D Visualization

Terris can help decision-makers make critical decisions but they don’t want to be told that; they want to see it for themselves.

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