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Issue #2 | Oct 1, 2021

Message from Our CEO - Norm Couturier

Well, it looks as though summer has ended and the fall season is approaching. Some people tell this by the changing of the colours of the trees – I know fall is coming because my early morning drive to the office is in the dark again :)

We never missed a beat this summer - there was no shortage of interesting discoveries and technology advancement here at Terris. We've also just onboarded our latest team of emerging talent from our local universities – 9 bright student minds are onsite helping augment our engineering and marketing teams.

The space-based earth observation sector is really taking off (no pun intended). We are seeing launches of some impressive optical and SAR satellites with some innovative new providers. We had anticipated some fast moving technology through 2021, and so far it has not disappointed. 2022 is going to be an incredible year for very high resolution, high revisit, and taskable imaging satellites.

We are cautiously and safely heading back on the road with our own version of a curated VIP tradeshow. Our first stop is Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are really looking forward to getting the latest technology in front of our potential customers and partners, and getting more "masked-face-to-masked-face" time.

We've created a few of the headlines from the last month for your reading pleasure. We hope you enjoy them.

For those of you back out on the road getting business done – in the words of the infamous Hill Street Blues Sgt. Phillip Esterhaus - "Let's be careful out there".



Coffee Fuels Our Company Culture

Welcome to Coffee Chat, our twice weekly get-together where we pose a single question, sometimes silly, sometimes profound, and hear what our colleagues have to say.

Our New Students Have Landed

We’re excited to get rolling with our newest team to see what we can discover with each other because, at Terris, the experiential learning happens in both directions.

Space Investments Reached All-time High $7B in 2020

The commercial space sector is now valued at $219 billion, driven by growing global interest in space start-ups and cutting-edge commercial technology.

Personalizing the Sales Room Floor

Introducing our new portable customer experience that is safe, personalized and enables people to explore Terris' next era of earth intelligence.


Change Detection: Eyes on Everything for Faster, Smarter Crisis Management

Now, not only can we see up-to-date images of these areas, we can mix and merge the data to detect changes in just about anything happening on the ground.

What We're Watching


IRENA and ESA Agree to Advance Energy Transition in Space Activities - (IRENA)


US Solar Industry Promising Strong Project Pipeline Growth (Renewable Energy World)


Addressing the Urgency of Sustainable Mining (Global Mining Review)


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